Joseph Perry

Every Cloud

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‘Every Cloud’ celebrates the scientific work of Luke Howard, the amateur meteorologist who brought order to the ever-changing skies. In his book ‘The Modifications of Clouds’ (1803) Howard harnessed the unpredictable beauty of the clouds, classifying them using a Latin naming structure.

Howard’s work formed the basis of the system used to this day by aviators and meteorologists to read the sky and forecast the often unpredictable weather.

A2 hand-pulled silkscreen. 1-colour gloss white ink, printed onto Antalis Curious SKIN Indigo, 270gsm.

Limited edition of 100. Hand-numbered and signed.

Print comes wrapped in acid free tissue paper and packaged in a heavy duty cardboard tube. (Frame not included).

Lovingly screen printed by Dan Mather.

Featured on various design blogs, including The Fox Is Black, Notcot and Quipsologies.

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